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About Me

I am a compassionate and spiritually aware man who has committed my life to applying my skills and experience to enlarge and enhance the quality of life for all concerned.

My degree in computer science equips me to understand the limitations as well as the benefits of modern computer systems. I bring over 40 years’ computer experience and pragmatism to my business, as well as 25 years’ experience in marketing and promotion. More recently I have been working as a self-employed web designer.

I have several years’ experience as a former listening volunteer with Samaritans in south London and Hertfordshire, with three years as a deputy director and publicity officer. I was a branch chairman and district and central councillor with the national charity Toc H. I have assisted on personal effectiveness trainings with two international training organisations and have been a trustee of an inner London homelessness charity. I served as an elected parish councillor for eight years, four as Chairman of the council, and was clerk to two neighbouring parish councils before moving to live with my partner (now my wife) in rural Umbria, Italy.

For further information on my career, please see my CV.

My Interests

Sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry

In life we come across numbers and shapes everywhere: a single point, straight line, circle, triangle, sphere, pyramid. The relationships between numbers and the complexity of shapes can be quite fascinating.



I received my first degree Reiki attunement in 1997 and use Reiki in my daily life to help bring a sense of balance. Since receiving the second degree attunement I am also able to send distance healing.


Family History

I am a keen family historian – when I find the time. I am particularly keen to find ancestors of Robert Irwin (or Irvine) of Moree, Desertcreat, Co Tyrone, c. 1697 to 10 Feb 1744. More...

My books  

  • A Farm of Our Own

    A Farm of Our Own describes a ten-year adventure of the author and his then partner, an account of running a small farm as a hobby in rural England. It is an honest, intimate, light-hearted and often amusing tale.

    Although, by its nature, it is an autobiographical account of running a farm, the book is not strictly an autobiography. It is a story of the farm and its inhabitants - predominantly those of the non-human kind, but also the human inhabitants, neighbours and visitors.

    For more details, please visit the publisher’s website.

  • Enlightenment for Beginners

    Despite the title, this is a book for everyone. Anyone who has ever thought ‘there must be more to life than this’, anyone who wants to find more peace and contentment in their life, anyone with a vague interest in what might be termed the supernatural or the esoteric, as well as those who have long been aware of their own spirituality.

    It provides a clear and concise introduction to a number of spiritual principles, starting from the premise that we are spiritual beings first and foremost and human beings second.

    For more details, please visit the publisher’s website.

  • Hoo, Howe, Ware, Wye and Wem

    Hoo, Howe, Ware, Wye and Wem takes an irreverent look at more than 1,750 place names. It helps demonstrate that the richness of the British landscape is not just in the flora and fauna but in the names of its places, too.

    From Start near Kingsbridge in Devon to World’s End in Suffolk, from God‘s Blessing Green in Dorset to Hell Corner in Berkshire, and from Weeford in Staffordshire to Pratts Bottom in Kent, there are countless opportunities for amusing a wayward imagination.

    For more details, please visit the publisher’s website.

  • What a Liberty!

    What a Liberty! charts the history of the area that is now the civil parish of Brickendon Liberty from Saxon times, when the manor of Brikendune was held by the secular canons of what was later to become Waltham Abbey, through the creation of the Liberty of Brickendon by Henry II, to the present day. Including over thirty photographs of times gone by, it provides a fascinating and comprehensive history of this leafy corner of south-eastern Hertfordshire.

    What a Liberty! is now out of print although an updated version in ebook format is planned.

My websites  

  • Irwin Associates Web Design

    Based in Paciano in the Trasimeno area of Umbria, Italy, Irwin Associates Web Design provides affordable websites for small businesses, charities, community groups and individuals.

    Fellowship of Authors & Artists

    The aims of the Fellowship are to promote the use of writing and all art forms as a means of therapy and self-healing.

    Virgo Accounts

    Virgo Accounts is a comprehensive yet easy to use and low cost, single-user legal accounting system. Designed for small firms of UK solicitors, it is also suitable for other professionals and for lawyers in other jurisdictions.

  • Un Po’ di Pace B&B

    Un Po’ di Pace B&B offers bed and breakfast accommodation for one or two people in the Trasimeno area of Umbria close to the Tuscan border, in the heart of Italy. We are open from about mid-March until mid-November each year.

    Rune Readings

    Welcome to our Rune Readings website where you can get free rune readings. Runes have been used as a means of communication and divination for centuries.

    Compassion in Business

    My original website which has spawned some of the other websites given here. Also contains back-up material for this site and After Hours, CityScape Books and a history of Brickendon.

We're a team

  • Graham


    Well, this is me. I’d like to say I was head of this operation, but the cats, and possibly the dog, have other ideas.



    When he’s not guarding the fire, Barnie is on the look out for strange cars, joggers or birds to bark at.



    Malt like to help with work on the computer. He thinks he’s the cat’s whiskers.

  • Bluebottle


    Bluebottle is senior indoor cat. Not to be messed with, is Blue! She spends most of the day asleep on the sofa.



    Giacomo spends most of his time outside although he has been known to spend the occasional night in.



    Lucy is one laid-back dude. She is very fond of feline yoga as well as catching mice and lizards.

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